Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Inaugural Local Energy Markets Conference: programme and tickets

Inaugural Local Energy Markets Conference
Will Local Electricity Markets transform our Power Networks?
Central Hall, Storey’s Gate, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH
14 May 2013: 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

The regulatory and commercial structure of the electricity market provides a reliable supply of electricity to consumers in 2013. In the coming years, increases in distributed and renewable generation, as well as increased use of energy intensive devices such as electric heating, heat pumps, and electric vehicles are forecast to impact heavily on the design and operation of electricity networks. The advent of active network management, coupled with advances in metering and data management, offer new techniques for managing the system. However, it’s not clear that these measures will be sufficient to ensure continuing security of supply.

A local energy market would enable individual consumers become active participants in buying and selling electricity. Benefits include lower energy costs, reduced system operating costs and more efficient connection and use of distributed resources.

Clearly such markets would be disruptive, but they may be the next step in the development of the GB low carbon power system to accommodate the rise in distributed generation. Therefore this conference presents the findings of a joint study between Swanbarton and IPL Information Processing Limited. The recently completed study was supported by a grant from the Technology Strategy Board, under its Smart Power and Distribution initiative. The study analysed the technical, social, regulatory and economic feasibility of local energy markets, and drew some very positive conclusions.
The conference also includes presentations from organisations with interests in local energy markets, including a DNO, Smart Grid proponents and regulators.
Delegates are required to register through the Eventbrite website and a small charge is made to defray the costs of the meeting. If the charge for registration is a barrier to attending, then please contact us.

The event will be of interest to those active in the areas of smart grids, network design and management, sustainable energy, community energy projects and the low carbon economy. It is also relevant to suppliers or developers of distributed generation and storage, and electricity aggregators and suppliers.


Will Local Electricity Markets transform our Power Networks?
Tuesday 14 May 2013

Central Hall, Storey’s Gate, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH

10:00 Registration and Refreshments

10:30 Introduction and welcome: John Scott, Chiltern Power

10:40 Local generation and the problems faced by DNOs John Hayling, UKPN

11:00 An introduction to the LEMMA project: Anthony Price, Swanbarton

Local electricity markets
Theory of operation

11:20 Smarter use of the Network Bob Currie, Smarter Grid Solutions

11:40 The ICT requirements: Joe Handford,IPL Ltd

An example of a use case study
Modelling communication requirements
Assessment of ICT feasibility

12:00 Support for Smart Distribution Projects Christian Inglis, Technology Strategy Board

12:10 Panel Discussion: - chaired by John Scott

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Impact of Local Markets Clive Tomlinson, Net Trajectory Ltd

Modelling power and money
Financial benefits: scale and impact

13:50 Regulatory Issues Associated with Local Markets Jill Cainey, Swanbarton

Regulatory landscape
Licensing issues

14:10 The Role of Smarter Markets in UK Invited speakers (DECC and OFGEM)

Timescales for deployment

14:30 Panel Discussion - chaired by John Scott

15:00 Close and Refreshments

For tickets, follow this link.